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Our CAD-CAM knowledge is the best, and AERIELINK has superior engineering and mold-making abilities. We can make and carve a great deal of intricate 3-dimensional surfaces. Every customer can work with AERIELINK without difficulty. Some clients provide us with the specifications, and we produce; others require additional assistance. In both situations, we can assist. From the ideation and prototyping stages all the way to the end of post-product support, we can collaborate with you. Our talented designers will inform the client of their possibilities.

Automobile Components
Our specialized services are suited to the needs of customers who require components for the automated sector.

Medical Components
Our services are available to customers in the medical area that requires sensitive elements or components.

Telecom Components
You can rely on our high-performance network components to succeed in the competitive telecom market.

Defense Components
We offer outstanding component solutions for customers in the defense sector searching for unique services.

IT Components
Bring the components you need to enhance your IT business to stand out in the market. We have all you require.

Aerospace Components
Our professionals additionally provide high-quality components to clients who work in the aerospace industry and require device parts.