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Delivery of paid orders throughout Lithuania is free if the order value is greater than 50 Euros.

Please be aware that EU-wide Directive 1999/44/EC mandates a minimum 24-month warranty duration for goods that are ready for use. Only natural people and ready-to-use items are covered by this time frame.

Legal entities either have no warranty coverage at all or a warranty that lasts only 12 months. Products that are ready to use have housing that is impenetrable and does not need to be physically assembled or soldered in order to function. The producer may choose a shorter or longer duration for branded products.

The normal warranty duration for all other products, including parts and components, is 14 days.

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High-quality, unused items with a purchase duration of no longer than 14 days must meet the following requirements:

  1. • the product must be in resalable condition and must not have lost its commercial look. • the returned products must be in their original packaging and in NEW condition (intact labels, unripped protective film, etc.)
  2. • the product must be returned in the same condition as it was received by the buyer; the warranty card (if one has been granted) and the purchase receipt must be presented;
  3. Products with flaws are exempt from this. Please include such situations in a failure report. Before returning anything to BDR for our consideration, you must obtain a return authorization number from them. Once validated, we will email you this document and the number.